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28 September 2005

M-Audio Trigger Finger

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M-Audio make the Trigger Finger, a very nice USB MIDI control surface. It’s garnered some rave reviews, so a summary of the official M-Audio information is in order. The Trigger Finger is primarily a pad controller, but also provides faders and knobs as extra control options. Even though many keyboard controllers have pads and other controls built in, it might be better having a dedicated unit like this one.

The website has exhaustive technical details, but here’s an executive summary to give you an idea of what the Trigger Finger is.

Sixteen pads give you immediate access to plenty of drum sounds or other events you wish to trigger. You’ll find the pad size provides just the right balance of compact space and perfect touch. Speaking of perfect touch, Trigger Finger’s pads are both velocity- and pressure-sensitive — and, unlike many control surfaces, you can map the pressure sensitivity to any MIDI parameter you desire for that extra measure of expressive control. Its 8 knobs and 4 faders are also fully assignable to any MIDI parameter you want. With Trigger Finger, you’re in control.

Trigger Finger features 16 presets for storing your setups right on board. Your purchase also gets you a free copy of M-Audio’s Enigma librarian software for PC and Mac for virtually unlimited storage that works with your other M-Audio and Evolution gear as well. You also get pre-programmed maps for Live, Reason, GM Drum, XG Drum, iDrum, and more for instant control over most popular software.

This product comes with a special version of Ableton Live Lite 4, a powerful and unique DAW application. Live Lite 4 brings you much of the audio and MIDI functionality of the multi-award winning Ableton Live, recognized for revolutionizing the DAW experience. In this version you get four audio tracks, four MIDI tracks, incredible looping, VST and Audio Unit support, software instruments, effects, and much more. Live Lite 4 turns your interface and your computer into a complete composition and recording solution.

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