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27 September 2005

M-Audio Trigger Finger review — Computer Music

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Trigger Finger, M-Audio’s MIDI pad controller, gets a great review in Computer Music magazine. They point out that this is more than just a drum pad controller — the eight rotary controls and four faders raise it up a notch or two in the MIDI controller stakes. The pads themselves are pressure-sensitive as well as velocity-sensitive, and the pressure values can be mapped to any MIDI parameter; they are impressed with this and say that it offers “massive creative potential.”

The unit itself is “sturdy and rigid”, which is a good quality in something that will spend a lot of time being tapped, stroked, knocked, and occasionally thumped in the pursuit of the perfect beat. And the pads are “sensitive and responsive, making the controller productive and rewarding to use.”

The pads, faders and dials can be mapped to your chosen application, and the Trigger Finger comes with pre-programmed maps for Ableton Live, Reason and other programs. Speaking of Live, Ableton Live Lite 4 is included with the Trigger Finger — sounds good, but the MIDI assign function is disabled in this version, which they say “seriously negates its usefulness”! You’ll just have to buy Live 5 separately then.

Overall, they love this controller. They say it’s responsive and easy to use and give it 9 out of 10. “Well designed and very playable, the Trigger Finger sets a whole new standard for ppad-based controllers.”

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