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18 September 2005

M-Audio Trigger Finger review — Keyboard

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The Trigger Finger MIDI control surface from M-Audio gets a good review in Keyboard magazine. From their description of the control pads on this device, you can tell they love it — maybe a little too much: “”They seem to have taken great care in choosing the best-feeling pad material I’ve ever had the pleasure to caress. It’s like a baby’s bottom. Like real Corinthian leather. Had Solomon’s beloved had skin that felt like this, the Song of Solomon would be pages longer and steamier than it already is. These pads are dead sexy.”

While they didn’t like the display (the three-digit LED display is pretty minimal), they like the functionality of the Trigger Finger. They even go so far as to inspect the MIDI control data that the Trigger Finger sent out to make sure it wasn’t skimping.

Overall, they say the Trigger Finger is a pretty impressive value. “The TF has excellent pad feel, arguably the most important thing. It’s stoutly built, and offers far more in the areas of programming feedback and available controls. M-Audio even thought of the little things, like the Kensington lock and the provision for a stand mount.” The final word: “if you’re just now considering a pad controller for drum programming, the Trigger Finger represents an inexpensive gamble on whether or not you’ll like the idea.”

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