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22 August 2005

TranzPort wireless controller review — Computer Music

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The August issue of Computer Music reviews the TranzPort, the wireless DAW controller from the Frontier Design Group. They give a good review, starting right at the beginning: “It’s an attractive piece of kit and looks worth the asking price.” They note that it’s a sturdy device, too.

They say that installing the TranzPort is “a breeze,” but this is true only if you are using one of the supported DAWs. Most of the big names are supported, but the obvious omission for me is Ableton Live. For these ones, you have to dig into MIDI to get the appropriate messages to the box. The TranzPort documentation does provide instructions on how to do this.

Other than this, they are full of praise for this nifty box. They think the LCD screen is a bit small bit well-laid out, and the choice of function buttons is logical and useful. Overall they rate it as 9 out of 10 and say: “TranzPort is compact, well built, easy to to configure and works a treat. It’s incredibly useful when you’r recording yourself playing, and as such is an ideal companion for the solo engineer or musician.”

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