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23 August 2005

Tranzport wireless DAW controller — Studio Reviews

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Studio Reviews gave a top rating to the Tranzport wireless DAW remote controller — in fact, they gave it their 2005 Product of the Year award. They applaud everything about it — the functionality, responsiveness, build quality, even the customer support on the website forums. They love the way it simplifies everything about the recording process: “All the main controls needed to operate a DAW are at your fingertips, and the kicker is that you can walk around and work with the remote anywhere within about a 10-meter range. Even a simple task like listening back to tracks can now be done from sitting in the back of the room on the studio couch, instead of having to run up and tap on the computer keyboard.”

Even setting up this studio Nirvana was apparently painless: “Everything worked right off the bat without a hitch.” Good to see that the reviewers can mix their metaphors as well as their music.

They close on an even higher note, with their enthusiasm running to fever pitch: “Believe the hype. This is the shizzle. If you have a DAW, you should run, not walk, and order a TranzPort. The TranzPort is too cool for school. This is a no-brainer, must-have for anyone with a DAW, and an indispensable tool for the 21st-century studio.”

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