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10 October 2005

E-Mu 1616M audio interface review — Computer Music

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Computer Music reviewed the E-Mu 1616M audio interface and thought it was fantastic. The sound quality is not just good — it’s “astounding”. Before you even plug it in though, you can see how flexible it is: the laptop card connects to the breakout box with an Ethernet cable, making it easy to use cheap Ethernet cables to place the box wherever you like. The inputs on the box are extensive too, with two phantom power inputs amongst many others — there’s even a RIAA turntable input so you can finally get all your old 78s into Ableton Live.

“So, how does it all sound? Truly sublime!” The mic preamps are virtually noiseless, and the whole thing, they say, sounds fantastic. And to go with all this great sound, they note that the included software is top-notch: Sonar, Cubase, Ableton Live, WaveLab and AmpliTube. These are “lite” versions, but still well worth having if you don’t own the full versions. There’s also E-Mu’s own DSP Patch-mix package for mixing and monitoring without an external mixer.

Their verdict is a resounding endorsement: ten out of ten, and a special “Performance” award too. “This is one of the best mobile audio interfaces we’ve ever seen. It sounds incredibly good and offers so many connections and features that it’d be worthy of a place in most studios, never mind out on the road.” The final word is simple and direct: “Buy one. Now.”

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