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6 August 2005

Reason 3 review — Macworld

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Macworld has reviewed Propellerheads Reason 3. They really like the new Combinator feature, which they say “adds to the creative possibilities of Reason’s already-robust routing. The Combinator lets you combine multiple instruments and effects into a single instrument for more flexible, simple MIDI assignments and signal routing … Once you’ve tried the Combinator, you won’t want to give it up. It’s a big relief from other software and hardware in which each instrument routes MIDI differently and adds audio effects globally instead of allowing precise control over affected sounds.”

They also approve of the improved control hardware detection (while still not that comprehensive) and the new mastering suite. However, they’re disappointed about the deficiencies that still exist from previouis versions. The built-in sequencer is too simplistic and there’s no support for third-party VST or Audio Units plug-ins. The biggest omission, they say, is the inability to record external audio. If only these features were there then Reason would be closer to an all-in-one production suite.

Even so, they give Reason 3 a rating of 4.5 mice (out of five) and conclude: “If you’re already a Reason lover, you’ll want Reason 3. Expanded presets, great mastering effects, and improved integration with newer keyboards and instruments, are great, but the Combinator justifies upgrading. For newcomers to Reason, the choice is a matter of taste.”

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