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18 July 2005

Reason 3 — minor update 3.0.3

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Propellerheads have released a minor update of Reason, version 3.0.3, available for download on their website. This maintenance release has many bug fixes (about 20), some performance improvements, and more support for remote controllers.

They’re releasing upgrades and I haven’t even started playing with Reason 3 yet. Maybe it’s the interface that I find daunting — they have done a fantastic job of making Reason look like a real music rack — but aren’t computers supposed to make things simpler? Anyway, I’d better have a look at it before Reason 4 comes out.

The website has a full description of all the bug fixes and enhancements. Here’s what they say about the new features: This is a maintenance update for Reason 3.0 users that brings enhanced performance and stability and a few new additions.

Additions in Reason 3.0.3

  • Added Remote support for the Frontier Design Group TranzPort wireless controller
  • Added Remote support for the M-Audio Ozonic
  • Track mute and solo for selected track now controllable from Remote

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