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13 October 2005

Tascam HD-P2 portable recorder

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Tascam’s HD-P2 portable recorder is a new high-resolution stereo recorder. It’s all digital — it records direct to CompactFlash cards, and also has a FireWire port for getting that performance into your laptop as fast as possible. It records in 24 bits at 192kHz to WAV files, and can also take a timecode input to allow you to synchronise your recordings with external video, for example.

Recording to CompactFlash is the way of the future (or the present) — the Edirol R-1 Portable Recorder was a very nice all-in-one recorder, and now the HD-P2 has a few more high-end features. If only somebody could come up with a more interesting name for their recorder they would surely have a hit.

There are a couple of nice unexpected features: “The professional design of the HD-P2 extends to convenient details that pro users will appreciate. The Retake button allows the user to delete the last recording and set up to re-record with a single button press. As audio is recorded, the file headers are continually re-saved to protect your recording against accidental data loss. Files can be named from the front panel interface or using a PS/2 keyboard, which can also be used to control transport and setup features.”

Input options on the HD-P2 include two XLR mic inputs with phantom power built-in limiter. It also has unbalanced RCA ins and outs as well as S/PDIF digital I/O. There’s also a built-in speaker for monitoring and a built-in microphone, though they suggest this is for “interviews and educational use,” so they probably expect you to plug in a good quality microphone for recording music. In fact, Tascam also say you can use the features on the HD-P2 “to sync dailies or to conform dialog during post” — so they’re clearly going for the pro market with this device.

  1. A thing that would actually make this useful in the field is TIMECODE OUTPUT!!!!!
    its not a good playback device otherwise, as far as music video and musical sync sequences are concerned.. as a matter of fact.. its no more useful than a non-tc dat or reel to reel device unless it has TC out..

    Chris Mills on 20 November 2005 at 8:02 am

  2. I´ll will prefered a Tascam HD p2 on location instead of a reel to reel.
    And still,it can record timecode.
    I´ have recorded several comerciel with a fostex DAT having a timecode
    generator from the photograf, so why not on a tascam hd p2.
    But if you prefferd a reel to reel, be my guest.
    But for the playback facilitets, your right.
    Still it´s a amazing little machine for the money.


    michael svensson on 3 January 2006 at 9:14 am

  3. Hi,
    Would you please tell me the price of your product: HD-P2.
    As soon as you can,I am waiting for your information.

    ngoctrunghong on 2 February 2007 at 12:43 am

  4. Hi
    First of all,my hobby:stereo coincident or semi-coincident live recordings of classical music.
    The hd p2 is small and light enough,very easy to use,
    no risk of tape damage or data loss for main supply
    interruption.I can’t overwrite,transferring process to a
    pc very fast with a card reader,with a pair of schoeps
    colette mics I’m even able to hear differences between
    16bit and 24bit-tracks.What else should I want?
    An external mic pre and an a\d-d\a converter ,of course,but it means more weight and more place to
    settle my gear in,not possible everytime!
    Sandro Berio

    Sandro Berio on 26 October 2007 at 3:34 am

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