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5 October 2005

E-MU Xboard keyboard controller review — Keyboard

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Keyboard magazine reviews the E-Mu Xboard 25- and 49-key USB/MIDI controllers. They praise the “impressive keyboard action”, which they say is “surprisingly solid and satisfying, especially given the lightness of the controllers.” They also say its editing software is easy to use. Unfortunately, they think the buttons aren’t so good — in fact the word they use it “cheesy”.

They had no problems with the other controls, such as the mod and pitch bend wheels, and liked the all-around usability of the keyboard and included software. They also mention the Latch mode, which enables easy triggering of parts (such as loops), especially in a live setting.

Their final conclusion is very positive: “With the sounds from the Proteus and the sequencing abilities of Live, E-mu offers quite a tasty all-in-one package with their Xboards. If you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of MIDI, a pro shopping for a versatile featherweight controller, or a mad scientist looking to create the wildest Frankensynth ever to walk the earth, E-mu’s latest definitely deserve to be checked out.”

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