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27 September 2005

Numark PT01 turntable review — Create Digital Music

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The always-good Create Digital Music website reviewed Numark’s PT01 turntable. In fact, they didn’t just review it, they took it out into the desert and played a gig with it. “Using the PT01s in the desert was a dream. The dust covers kept them clean while packed away in my tent and they were easy to grab, setup and spin due to their light weight. The sound was great, the pitch control was super-useful and the built-in cartridges saved me from near disaster when I completely forgot to bring a set.” Hmm, built-in cartridges on a DJ deck? Well, it is meant to be a cheap portable.

I don’t know if I would take it out into the desert (if I ever go to one), but they do come up with a much more practical use for the PT01: record shopping. “If you live for climbing through stacks of vinyl at used record stores or garage sales, it takes nothing to bring along a PT01 to preview a record before you buy it via in the built-in speaker.” Forget the iPod Nano — how much cooler to sit in a coffee shop listening to 12″s on a turntable?

Their verdict: “If you’re looking for a portable turntable to try-before-you-buy or to breathe new life into your long-forgotten vinyl collection, then the Numark PT01 is for you.” I think that means it’s for me.

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