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23 September 2005

FuzzPlus 2 free fuzzbox plugin

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FuzzPlus 2 is a fuzzbox plugin from Audio Damage, makers of the mighty dubonic DubStation plugin. FuzzPlus is a fuzzbox plugin with the same fun cartoon interface and very simple controls. The basis of this plugin is a transform model of “a famous vintage fuzz pedal,” though they don’t say which one. And importantly, it’s not just cheap — it’s free.

Their website talks about the four easy controls:

Fuzz knob: This controls, as you might imagine, exactly how much fuzz is applied to the signal.

Tone knob: This controls the brightness of the distorted signal.

Output knob: This is the output volume of the device, when it is active.

Bypass button: This works just like the switch on a stomp box. When the blue light is lit, you’re money. When it’s not, the input is passed directly to the output. This can be automated for a slightly different vibe than automating the effect bypass of your host.

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