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20 September 2005

Dynamix waveshaping plugin

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Dynamix is a sound shaping plugin from Hungarian company WWAYM. I have no idea how to pronounce their name, but this plugin sounds interesting. They call it “a completely new way to waveshape your sounds.” They say it’s not a traditional effect, but it can be used to emulate a compressor, EQ, distortion effect, and many more, as well as having its own tricks. Despite this fresh approach to sound shaping, the user interface has a nice retro feel, if you like that sort of thing.

WWAYM have more details on their website, along with a nice tutorial. They say: This plug-in gives you the control over the amplitude of your sound. At the same time it’s also able to boost up frequencies with the same algorithm. It’s not a compressor, limiter, maximiser, or distortion effect. It was not created on the way of thinking of analogue sound designing and mastering processors, it’s architecture is the result of a new way of thinking about sound.

With Dynamix it takes only the turning of 4 knobs to reach the highest average RMS level of a sound, but mostly the best workflow is to load up one of the numerous presets, and tweak a maximum of 2 knobs to the right place in order to reach the sound you want. You can use more instances of Dynamix to get a multiband dynamic processor. The main features are:

  • Volume managing section with input/output/dry/wet section
  • 12db/oct filter which is able to fade between Lp, Bp, Hp modes
  • The unfiltered signal can be mixed to the processed signal
  • Main section, containing everything you will need to process your signal
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