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19 September 2005

Synchro-Funk sample library review — Keyboard

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Keyboard magazine reviews Synchro-Funk, a package of loops from Sony for their Acid music composition software (but usable by any other package too). Laptop Studio doesn’t often feature sample libraries, but in this case the review itself makes pretty amusing reading: “Picture this: Prince and Kraftwerk decide to collaborate — Prince contributes the danceable funkiness, Kraftwerk provides the machine soul. But just before they begin recording, someone floods the studio with laughing gas.”

Some reviews give you useful information about the product; some are simply fun to read. This one is both. “The FX loops are pretty insane; if machines throw parties when you leave the room, this is probably what they sound like.” In case it isn’t obvious, they really like this library — it may be stylistically limited, but who cares when it’s such a great style. And you can’t beat this for a recommendation: “Synchro Funk is the most fun I’ve had with a sample CD in quite some time.”

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