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13 September 2005

Pro Tools M-Powered review — Remix

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Remix magazine reviews Pro Tools M-Powered by Digidesign and M-Audio. They note that this version makes Pro Tools quite affordable, and even the cut-down version included in Pro Tools M-Powered is still a powerful music production system. “In light of the new level of accessibility that Pro Tools M-Powered offers, those who may have overlooked Pro Tools in the past should consider giving it another look, especially if you already own an approved M-Audio interface. Even if you don’t make Pro Tools your primary sequencer, learning the software and having the application available make working on other people’s projects and remixes that much easier.”

They also discuss other recent improvements such as the Time Trimmer for on-the-fly timestretching, and the Beat Detective LE audio quantisation tool — “perhaps the coolest addition” to Pro Tools M-Powered. On the downside, Pro Tools M-Powered is limited to 32 simultaneous audio tracks — in the old days this was ample, but these days some musicians may find 32 tracks inadequate.

Overall they are excited by the features and stability of this package. Digidesign also point out that there is another benefit — the experience you gain working with an inexpensive Pro Tools M-Powered system will be very useful when looking for work in the music industry, where Pro Tools has long been an industry standard. The review concludes positively: “There’s no question that Pro Tools M-Powered lives up to Digidesign’s reputation. I’ve always said that choosing a DAW is a matter of preference and comfort. Now, with Pro Tools M-Powered on the scene, excluding Pro Tools because of budget concerns is a thing of the past. I am a bit disappointed that M-Powered doesn’t come bundled with as many extras as LE, but the good news is, the company didn’t skimp on the application itself, as it is just as powerful as LE.”

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