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5 September 2005

Cakewalk Sonar 4 review — VideoSystems

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VideoSystems review Cakewalk Sonar 4. They rate it as a solid performer in the digital audio workstation stakes: “The new additions to this program, coupled with its rock-solid performance and generous feature set, make Sonar 4 a must-consider contender if you’re looking for a native processor-based DAW.”

They had good results with connectivity, and also rate the included effects very highly. The loop manipulation features enabled by the new Groove Clip features are not as good as in Ableton Live (what is?) but are still said to be quite acceptable. They also like the video sync features, though they’re not as flexible as Nuendo — but again, that’s probably not a fair comparison.

As mentioned, syncing video to audio tracks was not always as easy as it could have been; the reviewer also had a mysterious problem recording soft synths, where the first note would fail to play. Aside from these hiccups, there were no real downsides to SONAR 4. In the end, they give it a solid if not outstanding rating and conclude that “Sonar 4 has many highly usable features and is easy to learn, which makes it a worthy contender for your dollar.”

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