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2 August 2005

Acid Pro 5 review — Mix

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Mix magazine favourably reviewed Sony’s Acid Pro 5. They especially like the fact that it now has VST effects support. WIth VST effects and the new Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning quantization processes, they say Acid is now closer than ever to being an all-in-one music production system.

Their conclusion is very positive: “Is this latest update worth the wait for Acid’s legions of dedicated users? The answer is a resounding yes. It may have taken a while for the new release, but the program’s developers have kept up with what their main competitor, Ableton Live, has been doing and upped the ante in several ways. Support for VST effects, new organizational tools, tempo-based effects and bus-to-bus routing, and the bountiful content disc give the user plenty to groove with right out of the box. The new tools are well done and vastly improve workflow. Depending on what you do, Acid may very well graduate from being a construction zone to a comprehensive final stop.”

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