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29 July 2005

Dr. Fink’s Funk Factory

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Dr. Fink’s Funk Factory is a new sound library from Sony. New sound libraries are released all the time, but this one is noteworthy because the cover design is so groovy. I thought it would jazz up this website. That’s the only reason this is here. Really.

But as long as we’re here, this is some information from the Sony website:, as well as their press release. Beware of the very long sentence in the next paragraph.

For more than ten years, Matt Fink held down the keyboard spot in one of the most influential bands of all time: Prince & the Revolution. Outfitted in surgeons’ regalia, ‘Dr. Fink’ was selected by Prince to partake in the complete vision: writing, recording, and live onstage. Now, Matt Fink is prepared to enhance your vision, with an invitation to the Dr. Fink’s Funk Factory library, a Sony Sound Series Premium Collection library that delivers all the core components of the classic Eighties pop/funk sound: majestic polyphonic analog synth themes, payday grooves captured directly from vintage machines, realtime clavinet licks, searing solos and motifs, those classic orchestral stabs — a complete genre delivered with total authenticity and blazing fidelity. Capture this magical vibe — the same talent, the actual instruments, the studio expertise, and the sound that went around the world in a day — and turn it loose in your own digital workspace: ACID software, and every software and hardware platform that supports .wav files.

“The premise for Dr. Fink’s Funk Factory was to match old school sounds and beat loops with contemporary techno beats and synthesizer sounds so that they could be mixed and matched within this collection,” said Matt Fink. “I really enjoyed creating the Funk Factory, and I hope that others will have a fun and creative experience with it as well.”

Sony Sound Series libraries are delivered in the ACID .wav file format that supports pitch-shifting and time-stretching in the entire line of ACID music creation programs, as well as Live, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Soundtrack, and GarageBand 2. These loops can also be imported into any other non-linear editor that supports the .wav file format.

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