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20 July 2005

Ableton Live 5 — beta released

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Ableton Live version 5 will be out very soon. They have a public beta testing program running, so you can have a look at the new Live and try out some of the new features.

The beta version has a few limitations:

  • The system language cannot be set to Japanese.
  • The skin can only be set to the default.
  • Only a limited set of presets, samples, Live Sets and lessons is included.
  • Beta versions cannot be used after a certain date (depends on the beta version)

The website says that no manual is included, but actually there is a PDF manual in the package. Clearly, the lack of Japanese won’t be a problem if you’re reading this website, and you can probably live without a funky skin. The smaller number of presets, etc., won’t stop you from getting a good feel for the program though. Best to jump in and try out the new features now, before the beta program ends.

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