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12 July 2005

Become a Ringtone Composer

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If you have difficulty maintaining a musical idea for the length of an entire song, why not consider a career as a ringtone composer? The New York Times reports that artists are composing short pieces for mobile phone ringtones.

“We definitely see a market for original content,” said Andy Volanakis, president and chief officer of Zingy, a ringtone provider that has released an album by the producer Timbaland.

When combined with technology that allows them to sound like music instead of its tinny shadow, and programs that allow anyone to make, mix or otherwise devise his or her own ringtones, the seven songs on the Timbaland album — among the first meant to be played on a phone, not a radio or CD player — suggest that ring tones are not merely a new money-maker; they are a new art form.

And here’s that Timbaland “album” in full. It’s not that bad. Better than the Crazy Frog anyway.

1 Comment
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