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20 June 2005

HALion Player

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HALion Player is a new software sampler from Steinberg. It’s a cut-down and simplified version of their HALion 3 engine — more like a ROM-based sampler than a flexible software sampler. But it’s much cheaper than the full HALion 3.

The website has more details: Tailored to newcomers to virtual sampling, HALion Player puts many of the next-generation technologies available on the HALion sampling platform behind a sleek, no-frills interface. HALion Player is the perfect choice for any User searching for a stable, easy to use and affordable sample content playback module for VST, DXi2, AU and any Rewire environment. It provides a low-cost yet high-quality way of playing any of the hundreds of commercially available HALion libraries as well as Wav / Aif / Rex / Rex2 / Zgr and LM4 instrument files.

HALion Player includes the full HALion 3 sound library, consisting of a broad selection of highest quality instrument and drum sounds, and utilizes the award-winning, surround-capable HALion 3 playback engine. HALion Player also offers the outstanding Waldorf filters and disk-streaming power that have helped establish HALion 3 as one of the top virtual samplers available today in terms of both sound quality and performance.

The unique Q-Control concept introduced in the new HALion 3.1 version provides HALion Player with an adaptable set of sound-shaping controls. All HALion libraries include predefined Q-Controls which have been assigned to a certain set of parameters by the content creator and are chosen to ideally suit shaping and forming sound for that program. This allows a high degree of flexibility in altering and shaping sounds with HALion Player, while keeping functional clutter to a minimum.

The advanced HALion Player program loading facilities unify finding, selecting and loading a sound for quick, no-hassle access to even the largest HALion sample libraries. HALion Player also offers 256-voice polyphony delivering pristine 32-bit audio to up to 256 audio outputs into the mixer of the host application.


  • Award-winning HALion 3 technology at a very affordable price
  • Ultra easy user interface, clean, handy and easy to understand even for beginners, simply can’t misused
  • Includes the full HALion 3 sound library, consisting of a broad selection of highest quality instrument and drum sounds
  • Loads and plays back any HALion HSB, fxp and fxb Content
  • Allows import and keyboard mapping of Wav / Aif / Rex / Rex2 / ZGR and LM4 files
  • Q-Controls – 8 Content pre-defined Sound shaping parameters per program allows instant fun while tweaking without the need to understand the complex architecture creating the Sound. Remote controllable with the all new set & forget MIDI learn mode.
  • Sound Category System support, no difference between finding, selecting and loading a Sound
  • 256 Voices polyphony and a maximum of 256 audio outputs, 16 sounds on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously per instance
  • Connects to everything: VST, DXi2, AU, Rewire and standalone

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