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26 April 2005

East West Vapor

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Vapor, the “large plug-in ROMpler” from East West gets a good review in Grooves magazine. This software playback sampler has over 2GB of sounds, and “a flair for the decidedly synthetic”. They note some interface glitches, but overall like the sounds that come out of Vapor. Vapor uses the Native Instruments Kompakt engine (as used by NI’s own Kontakt sampler). The reviewers says Vapor’s feature set is light, but that can be a blessing as well as a curse.

Vapor’s “thing” is synthetic sounds. If you want realistic strings, look elsewhere, but they say “synthesis junkies will welcome this collection into their fold.”

The user interface gets good marks overall: “Even though the features are on the light side, I found patch creation to be enjoyable.” And tools like this should always be enjoyable, or what’s the point? Unfortunately, the interface isn’t perfect: they say the multi-preset selection scheme may induce carpal-tunnel syndrome as you have to click the mouse and keep the button held down at the right times, all while navigating tiny menus and buttons. It sounds a bit of a pain, but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Aside from this, they do like this instrument: “the sounds of Vapor are quite divine. with its 2.2GB of content, synthesis junkies would be missing out on a treat to snack on if they passed up this bargain. … This is one moderately priced synth that should not be missed.”

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