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23 April 2005

Steinberg WaveLab 5 review — PC Plus

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PC Plus magazine’s review of Steinberg WaveLab 5 is quite positive. They emphasize WaveLab 5’s new surround sound processing functions. The monitoring has been upgraded accordingly: “WaveLab’s excellent visual metering tools have been extended to allow full surround metering. Eight channels of spectral analysis running in real time is quite a sight – this is one area where WaveLab has always excelled, and this update carries on that tradition.”

They note WaveLab’s new support for DVDA (DVD Audio) formats, as well as Data CD and DVD. However, they describe the DVD video support as “sketchy”, so if you’re into video, then perhaps you should keep looking. They also lament the fact that surround support is not quite pervasive: “Some tools are surround-friendly, while others, including the popular multi-band mastering compressor, are stereo-only. This is frustrating, if understandable, and it does diminish the usefulness of the new surround features.”

So overall, they do like WaveLab 5, but only recommend it if you have a specific need for its new features: “For casual use, it’s a touch too much in terms of features and learning curve. But if you work more seriously with media, perhaps for events management, business presentations, or sound design for games and films, then this upgrade has a lot to offer. For the first time you can edit, author and burn DVDA presentations in the most popular surround formats, with slideshows, menus, and all the other extras the format can provide.”

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