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6 January 2006

Reaktor 5.1

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Native Instruments’ Reaktor has been updated to version 5.1. The usual slew of bug fixes abound, along with several new synths and updates to some old ones. “The total number of synthesizers, samplers and effects included has risen to a staggering total of 63!”I hope you’re sitting down. The new synths are:

  • Equinoxe Deluxe, a ’70s-style string synth
  • FM4, an FM synth with lots of presets
  • 2Osc, a two-oscillator subtractive synth
  • Gaugear, a “ground-breaking yet intuitive,” “innovative and radically minimalist” monophonic synthesizer

Reaktor 5.1 also includes Snapper, “a song and snapshot sequencer for intricate arrangements that can be recalled with a simple mouse click.” There’s also a drum sequencer called SQx.

Back to the sound functions, there’s a package of Live Sampling Core Cells that can be used for for real-time transformation of live signals and samples. “Four new demo instruments, based on these Core Cells, illustrate the radical potential within them and are perfectly suited for loop creation and tempo synchronized live effects.” Finally, there are optimised versions of the Massive, Oki Computer, FlatBlaster and Splitter ensembles. I like how the new Oki Computer includes improved anti-aliasing — even though it’s meant to be a tool for generating lo-fi sounds.

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