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3 October 2005

CHRONOStream timestretching application

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CHRONOStream is a timestretching and pitch correction application from Japanese software house PSoft. Its interface allows you to independently vary the pitch and tempo of a track while it is playing. You can also shift the formant of a vocal track to change the character of a voice — for example, male to female.

The selling point seems to be their algorithms, which they say are faster and better than other techniques. Their website has more details on this, and also seems to demonstrate the current state of machine translation technology. They say: “CHRONOStream is the software which has outstanding quality of time-stretching and pitch-shifting. It makes it possible to scale time and pitch of audio data without any incompatibility. It means that the software allows you to shifting pitch without time lengths changes, and to controlling time lengths without sound files edits.

CHRONOStream is well designed to be used by every user. Even professional musicians, for example, may need CHRONOStream to get high quality results with it. Moreover, there may be some use it to edit instrumental performances, and some use it to arrange mastering data.”

The demo is certainly fun to play with, though I’m not sure how easy it would be to integrate it with other sound tools. It does sound pretty good though. Apart from music use, they suggest you could use it for a meeting. “Record the workshop or conference scene by voice recorder, and play the recorded sound by CHRONOStream on your PC. Fast-forward if you like. You can change the speech of blue streak to speaker in a slow way.” I couln’t have said it better myself.

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  1. This product sounds as does exactly it same as even something built in Winamp already can do. The event MP3 on their Internet site for “existing technologies” (their own technology does not exist?) sounds more badly than no matter what I ever heard.

    Sheep on 5 July 2006 at 7:07 am

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