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30 September 2005

ManyGuitar VST instrument

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Manytone Music, makers of the ManyStation sample-based VST instrument, are shortly going to release ManyGuitar. A good guitar synth is a wonderful thing, so it will be good to hear ManyGuitar when it comes out. There are no details yet on the Manytone website, but an unofficial press release was posted on the busy KVR forums. Here are the details — ManyGuitar is due out next month, so that could mean tomorrow.

Manytone says: ManyGuitar is a Bass and Guitar Sample Synthesizer with an included library of approximately 1GB of 24 Bit Guitar and Bass Samples. ManyGuitar was built with Dash Signature and uses the Dash Eve One Engine with a custom designed and built amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator built exclusively for Manytone. This takes the already incredible Manytone Guitars to new levels. The amp section also has a deep amp mode that is perfectly suited to Manytone’s Bass and other low toned Guitars.

This will load all WusikSnd Samplesets as well as Dash Samplesets and you can create your own Samplesets to load as well.

The included Sound Library includes all of the current ManyStation Guitar and Bass samplesets as well as over 300-400MB of new material, including an extensively sampled Telecaster. It includes a few chord sets, and also some great new lead guitar styles and more.

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