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26 September 2005

Synful Orchestra review — Computer Music

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Computer Music magazine reviews the Synful Orchestra plugin. They give it full credit for its new approach to orchestral synthesis, and say the sounds you can get from it are very good — “You can come up with realistic results in Orchestra within mninutes of firing it up.” The user interface is simple and the various parameters are preset appropriately, so “it really is very easy to use.”

They recommend Synful Orchestra to anyone who needs a simple and quick way of creating convincing orchestral music, but they do have some reservations. Editing program names seems a bit retro — only 13 characters of the name is shown, and you can’t always tell which 13 will appear! This can make deleting programs a hit-or-miss procedure. Unfortunately, they found the manual not very helpful on sorting this out.

Because of these idiosyncrasies, they rate Synful Orchestra as 7 out of 10. They do give it a special award for Innovation however, and say that the program is easy to get started with, and most importantly, it “sounds great.”

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