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24 September 2005

Traktor DJ Studio 3

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Traktor DJ Studio 3 will be the next version of Native Instruments’ software DJ mixing system when it arrives in November. This version features no fewer than four virtual decks — just try that with Technics 1200s. It also has several tempo-synced effects and an emulated 4-channel mixer to put it all together. If Ableton Live feels too much like a computer program to you, try Traktor for live performance to get that old-skool vibe going.

There’s also integrated access to an online dance music store. It’s like having an infinite record crate — no matter what tunes people request, in a few minutes you can buy, download, drop them into your set and watch the crowd go insane. The website describes this feature in full, along with all the other additions to Traktor DJ Studio 3. Here are the highlights.

Turntables of Tomorrow
Traktor DJ Studio 3 has four fully-featured playback decks: Drop in additional loops and samples, or mix four tracks at once. The integrated 4-channel club mixer is highly flexible, allowing effects to be inserted on each channel individually. External turntables, CD-players and hardware effects can be patched seamlessly into the setup – the possibilities are endless.

New mixer and advanced effects
The prestigious Xone:92 club mixer has been perfectly emulated with the support of Allen & Heath. Its excellent 4-band EQ gives incredible depth to your mix. The cross-fader assignable filters offer unique and innovative frequency-based mixing possibilities, bringing a completely new feel to your sets. Five professional tempo-synched effects and four high-end EQ’s all give your sound a distinctive flavor.

Integrated Beatport Access
Traktor DJ Studio 3 also boasts direct integrated access to the Beatport Online Music Store, allowing you to browse their extensive catalogue, pre-listen and buy hot new tracks and download them directly into your library – and all this is possible from within the Traktor DJ Studio 3 browser.

Perfect Setup
The user interface works on a completely flexible and dynamic principle. Toggle individual control groups on and off, arrange secondary functions and displays for an optimum use of space. The new Messages Window automatically displays short explanations for the active function. Whatever the situation, Traktor DJ Studio 3 always lets you know exactly what is happening, so you can concentrate on the mix.

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  1. Uhm.. Traktor DJ 3 is not for sale yet! Only v2 :/

    Rodge on 14 October 2005 at 10:44 am

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