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24 September 2005

SampleRobot automatic sampler

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SampleRobot is an “automatic sampler” from German sound design people Skylife. It’s a quick way of getting all the sounds from your big clunky old synth modules into your shiny laptop studio — it actually plays your hardware snyth and records the results for playback through its software sampler. Skylife call it “the missing link between sound source and software sampler.”

More information from the website: SampleRobot is the new audio software for musicians and sound designers. For the first time SampleRobot offers fully automatic sampling of real instruments in definable detail. With SampleRobot you can recreate your favorite instruments and sounds via software samplers. You can archive your samples and combine your sounds to completely new virtual instruments. A futuristic graphical user interface gives you fast, efficient, and logical access to all sampling parameters.

SampleRobot is the missing link between sound source and software sampler. It was never easier to record audio and create multi samples in one go. The program is designed to work practically completely on its own while the user keeps full control of all parameters manually. And, SampleRobot’s sampling engine is non destructive.

Skylife clearly believe in the power of software over hardware: “If you like you can forget about your entire hardware equipment and realize your compositions with the same sounds on a 100% software base. … You may even doubt the existence of your hardware equipment.” Shades of The Matrix!

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