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19 September 2005

M-Audio Key Rig

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Key Rig is one of the first in a projected line of virtual instruments from M-Audio, who are better known for their music hardware. It’s an interesting idea — it’s a VST plugin that can also run standalone, and M-Audio intend it to be usable as an all-in-one keyboard sounds module. Simply load Key Rig onto your computer, plug in your keyboard controller and you’re away. And the really unusual thing about it is that the whole thing fits on a single CD.

M-Audio say that Key Rig covers all the basic needs for today’s keyboardist in a single virtual rack. It includes a virtual rack containing the following four modules.
SP-1 Stage Piano — serves up grand pianos, Wurlitzer, classic electric pianos, FM, clavinet and more.
MS-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer — delivers a new, easy way to call up and edit great synth sounds.
MB-3 Electromagnetic Organ — emulates the classic Hammond sound complete with rotary speaker.
GM-4 General MIDI Module — great for sequencing the rest of your backing tracks.

There’s also a master MIDI/Mixer section, which lets you route, split, layer and mix these four powerful modules in whatever way best suits your performance and recording needs. A master effects section even allows for adding a common effect in addition to the individual effect section included with each instrument.

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