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28 August 2005

Q-Clone sampling EQ

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Q-Clone is an EQ plugin from Waves that can “sample” a hardware EQ so you can use it in software. Two main uses: you can use a hardware EQ with different settings on different tracks simultaneously; or you can use settings “sampled” from a hardware EQ that you don’t have. This second option is probably more likely for typical Laptop Studio types who don’t have piles of hardware cluttering up their studios, though this plugin itself is pretty expensive.

The Q-Clone package consists of two components: Q-Capture and Q-Clone. The website says that using them is easy:

1. Set up Q-Capture so it sends its special capturing signal through your audio interface to your outboard hardware EQ unit and returns the equalized signal back.

2. Open Q-Clone on the first track you want to EQ. Adjust the knobs on your hardware EQ unit until you get the sound you want.

3. On the Q-Clone plug-in, hit the Hold button, and the EQ for that track will now remain just as you set it, while you repeat the process on as many tracks as your computer can handle.

You can change and reset the equalization on each track as often as you need, and save the results as a preset. Using the Add button, you can also make adjustments on top of the original setting—like having the signal running through two of your EQ units at once. And Q-Clone comes with presets captured from a selection of world-class hardware equalizers. Q-Clone is available separately and is not included in any bundle.

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