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23 August 2005

Tascam GigaStudio 3 review — Mix

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Mix magazine reviews the Tascam GigaStudio 3 software sampler. “GigaStudio 3 addresses previous versions’ shortcomings while adding some great new features” such as the GigaPulse convolution reverb. This feature adds a lot of processor overhead, but “even with Giga 2, you could get a lot of mileage out of a single computer loaded with 1.5 to 2 GB of RAM. … Giga 3’s memory access has improved considerably.” A good thing too, because the convolution impulse processor is used extensively: “for example, the new GigaPiano 2 uses impulses instead of piano samples to create the pedal-down and release/staccato resonance effects.”

In fact, the reviewer is very impressed with the way the convolution processor is used in GigaStudio. Tascam cleverly wring the maximum out of the CPU to get the best-sounding effect — “these programs are just terrific”.

“The original GigaSampler revolutionized sampling, and Giga 3’s integrated convolution processor, GigaPulse, has opened up a whole new set of creative possibilities. In addition to being an efficient engine for running multiple path surround reverb programs, it can simulate anything that produces an impulse response — effects, spaces, instrument bodies, mics, amps and more — and those impulses can be integrated right into the sample programs.” Clearly, it’s the GigaPulse core that makes GigaStudio what it is.

They also go through all the incremental improvements over the previous version — basically, GigaStudio 3 has more of everything. The review concludes with a resounding recommendation: “In short, it’s the current state-of-the-art in sampling. GigaStudio 3 took a long time coming, but it was well-worth waiting for.”

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