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13 August 2005

MetaSynth 4 review — Keyboard

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MetaSynth Pro 4 has received a review in Keyboard Magazine. They really like it, but they emphasize that it’s a completely new way of making sounds, not just another slight variation on a waveform editor: “MetaSynth is all about transforming your entire approach to music and sound with tools that are as mind-altering as they are useful.”

The review gives a very useful explanation of the major features of MetaSynth, including the almost indescribable Spectrum Synth, the “mindboggling” Image Filter, and the very unusual Sequencer (what, no MIDI?)

The bottom line: “Despite a few bugs and eccentric design oddities, MetaSynth Pro is a one-of-a-kind sound design tool. With a bit of practice, you can create textures and patterns that would be impossible without a serious investment in a high-end system like Symbolic Sound’s legendary Kyma environment. If you’ve conquered the universe of soft synths and are ready to create textures that will amaze and astound even seasoned vets, MetaSynth is a wormhole into an alternate dimension of sound.”

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