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5 August 2005

Apple Logic 7.1 review — Future Music

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The UK’s Future Music magazine has reviewed Apple’s upgrade to Logic Pro and Logic Express. The upgrade takes Logic from version 7 to 7.1. FM like it and think it’s a worthwhile upgrade from version 7, even though it’s not free — it’s about US$20 for Logic 7 users.

FM’s favourite new features in Logic include universal plugin delay compensation, which should allow you to avoid delay problems no matter how you route your sounds. They also like the Audio Follow Tempo feature, which detects tempo in a piece of audio so the song’s tempo matches with the audio.

They point out that this is one of a number of the new features that seem to come from GarageBand 2. Audio Follow Tempo seems to use the same underlying technology as the Apple Loops functions in GarageBand. Also, the two new hybrid synth instruments, Hybrid Basic and Hybrid Morph, are both already in GarageBand. It’s also now possible to create your own Apple Loops from selected audio in Logic. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that Apple is trying to simplify Logic along the lines of GarageBand. They say “Logic is such a powerful and complex program now it’s often difficult to know where to start.” But this is one of Logic’s strengths, so they hope it’s not the shape of things to come.

The full review is not available on the website, but only in the print edition available in shops. Overall, FM give the Logic 7.1 upgrade ten out of ten for versatility and quality of results, and 7 or 8 for their other criteria.

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