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24 July 2005

VocalWriter 2.0

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VocalWriter 2.0 is out now from KAE labs. This is a Macintosh-only vocal synthesizer — you use it like a normal piano roll sequencer, typing in English lyrics, and it sings them in tune in the voice you specify. The voices enunciate quite well, though they all sound a bit, well, computery. Still it’s shareware, so you can play with it before taking the plunge.

The press release on the website says: KAE Labs announces the release of VocalWriter 2.0, an update version now supporting Mac OS X. In addition, this release features increased vocal polyphony to 20 voices, downloadable PDF documentation and a lower shareware registration fee.

VocalWriter is the first music application that can automatically sing unrestricted English lyrics. Combining an advanced software vocal / instrumental synthesizer with an interactive music editor, VocalWriter is a MIDI file editor, player and synthesizer in a single integrated environment.

Most of the tasks involved with entering and editing lyrics have been automated using VocalWriter’s unique music editor. Users simply type the English lyrics for each note and VocalWriter automatically figures out the word pronunciation from its on-line 100,000 word phonetic dictionary, the syllable timing and synchronization, and the required vocal tract model parameters to sing the lyrics.

Besides a full General MIDI set for instrumental accompaniment, VocalWriter includes over 85 different singing voice models. The voice range covers models from the complex but subtle characteristics of human singers to models that extend beyond physical possibilities like singing musical instruments.

VocalWriter can be downloaded for a free 30-day evaluation from the KAE Labs web site at The shareware registration is $39 (US).

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